Running Map

1. Hayama Marina Yacht Club

Hayama Marina boasts one of the largest yacht clubs in Japan. Our visitors can come here and enjoy a pleasant cruise.

2. Hydrangea park

This park has around 3,000 hydrangeas and it also offers splendid views of the ocean.

3. Omine Mountain

Omine Mountain offers three hiking courses and splendid views of the ocean.

4. Morito Shrine

Morito Shrine is said to have been built by Minamoto no Yoritomo in 1180. It is a great place for viewing the sunset.

5. Hoshun Yamaguchi Memorial Hall

This hall is dedicated to the memory of Hoshun Yamaguchi, a Japanese painter who received the Order of Cultural Merit. Visitors will gain much knowledge about the world of Japanese painting.

6. The Museum of Modern Art Hayama

Visitors can view an extensive collection of artworks housed in a modern building set in an expansive natural landscape. The museum also has a garden that overlooks Sagami Bay.

7. HAYAMA Shiosai park

Shiosai Park has a Japanese garden, a museum, and a tea ceremony room. Visitors to the museum can see the collection of Emperor Hirohito, who was also a keen biologist.


BEACH COURSE (approx. 600m: 7 minutes)


SHORT COURSE (approx. 3km: 30 minutes)

SCAPES THE SUITE→ Hayama Marina Yacht Club → Morito Shrine →SCAPES THE SUITE

SHORT COURSE (approx. 5.5km: 2 hours)

SCAPES THE SUITE → Morito Shrine → Hydrangea park → Omine Mountain → . Hoshun Yamaguchi Memorial Hall → The Museum of Modern Art Hayama → HAYAMA Shiosai park→ SCAPES THE SUITE

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