SCAPES has a private jacuzzi on the highest floor overlooking the ocean. After you have simmered down in the jacuzzi, you can then feast on seasonal dishes in the restaurant while watching changing scenery of Hayama’s ocean. You will leave with body and mind completely refreshed.


Relax as you receive a thorough and dynamic massage, put your feet up as you gaze out upon a starlit sky, and let the moonlight soak over you. Lower yourself into the elegant bathtub and experience spend some moments undisturbed and far away from the concerns of everyday life. ・You can reserve the jacuzzi completely for 1 hour. ・Shower: Hans Grohe, raindance

Rental Items


All sportswear items are made by Adidas.
For women, we have provided soft, stretchable T-shirts and pants that are ideal for jogging, cycling, and yoga.

Training, jogging, cycling T-shirts, pants, wind jackets, wind pants
*Adidas Supernova CS (23-28.5cm)
Training T-shirts, pants, cardigans
Jogging, cycling T-shirts, spats, wind jacket, wind pants
*Adidas Supernova CS (23-28.5cm)


Sunglasses *Clima Cool A145 cycling eyewear
Training Wristwatch
*Polar wristwatch. Since it launched its first cadiometer watch in 1982, Polar has been used by top athletes the world over in scientific training exercises. Aside from measuring heart rate, it is also capable of measuring calorie consumption automatically based on age, weight, sex, and heart rate. It will help you identify the type of training that is best for you.  
Cycling Helmets, gloves, bicycles
*Bicycles for hardcore cyclists. Rocky Mountain Bicycles is uncompromising when it comes to quality, detail, and function, and so all its products are produced in-house. Each individual bicycle has been built with painstaking care and attention, and so the bicycle you ride is guaranteed to be the genuine article.
Training Yoga mats, balancing balls, soft gym, stretching balls, dumbbells, tubes
*We have provided training books in each room. These training books contain advice on how best to train your body using the items mentioned.