Ways to spend time

“I got away from everyday life and spread my wings in a spacious environment. It was the time of my life.”

Taro and Hanako Yamada held a wedding ceremony in SCAPES one year ago. They returned to SCAPES a year later to celebrate their anniversary. How did this health-conscious couple spend their time away from everyday life?

Number of days 2
Main activities Walking, cycling, yoga

The first day



SCAPES THE SUITE is situated in Hayama, a location praised for its peaceful ocean and deep forests. You can look out over the ocean and watch the sun rise and set. The deep colors of the ocean and beautiful sunset are a wonder to behold. Come and enjoy moments of pure class and luxury in the midst of natural scenery far removed from everyday life.



A time to immerse yourself in nature and feel the changing of the seasons.Let your five senses be stimulated within this unique landscape and discover a new you.



Treat yourself and a friend or loved one to a unique “modern international cuisine” while gazing upon the scenery of Hayama’s Morito coastline.



We have a rooftop Jacuzzi overlooking the ocean. Enjoy some adult time while treating your eyes to Hayama’s scenery; a wonderful deep blue sea and gorgeous sunset.

2nd day



Get away from the din of everyday life and experience the refreshing sound of the wind whistling past your ears.
Our bicycles and cycling gear are the real thing. They will enable you to feel the thrill that comes from a sense of speed you don’t get every day.



Yoga is a practice that takes you away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and stimulates your body and mind. Traditionally, it was practiced as a way to enlightenment. Nowadays, many people practice yoga to connect their body and mind together and bring out their inner potential. Discover yourself on our evocative sandy beach.



The dishes served at SCAPES THE SUITE bring out the very best of Miura’s seasonal vegetables and fish. Savor the taste of the dishes served by a chef who never compromises in selecting locally sourced ingredients and creating great flavors.



Let’s escape… to a beautiful landscape.
We provide a new opportunity to take a breather from the stresses and strains of everyday life – a chance to “escape,” not simply to “travel.” We are looking forward to your next visit.